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First impression of Tbilisi

First impression of Tbilisi

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First impression of Tbilisi-3 hours walking tour with homemade wine tasting

Brief description

After arriving in Tbilisi, this tour is the perfect thing to start your holiday.

We are glad to give you the first impression of our capital city and give you many recommendations

which will inspire you for the next few days.

We start the walk from Rose Revolution Square and go through Rustaveli Avenue.

We see Tbilisi’s most important and magnificent buildings, visit the heart of the city,

and walk down to the old town, which is one of the hottest rising destinations for travelers in recent years.

There’s not enough space in this paragraph to describe all the important sites of Old City,

but with our friendly and knowledgeable guides, you can feel like you have a live Google.

We finish our tour with wine tasting, an absolute must-do on your first day in Georgia.

Welcome to Tbilisi!


Guide service 

Homemade wine tasting


Stop for food


Switch your camera to night mode, and book an excursion at 6 PM.

The meeting time is 30 minutes before departure time.



Detailed Itinerary 

Our company meeting point is located at Rose revolution square.

You will see the Big Bicycle monument and our tour leaders wearing red scarf.

If you are coming by subway, the Shota Rustaveli metro is a 50-meter from the meeting point.

Because this is the central area, you have an extensive choice of hotels within walking distance.

If you prefer to take a hotel far from Tbilisi city center,

you can always use the Taxi app and come by car.

Taxi is exceptionally cheap in Georgia.

If you are a group of more than four people or live at our partner hotel,

we will pick you up 15 minutes before the meeting time and take you to the meeting point.



If you go to Paris, you must stroll the Champs Elysees,

and when you visit Tbilisi, this is the one avenue you must explore.

We explore Tbilisi’s most important and magnificent buildings and

 many hotels, restaurants, cafes, and souvenirs.

We reach the main square of Georgia-Liberty square, which is at the heart of Tbilisi.



In 2010 Rezo Gabriadze built a unique clock tower next to the marionette theatre in Tbilisi’s old town.

An angel comes out with a small hammer to ring the bell every hour.

There is a small puppet theatre inside the tower, and twice a day, at 12:00 and 19:00,

you can see a show

– “The Circle of Life.” Rezo decorated the building with hundreds of tiles, which he designed himself,

and then it instantly became a prominent architectural attraction in Tbilisi.

People often call it the Tower with a Clock or The Tower with an Angel. 



Bridge of Peace is the attraction one wouldn’t want to miss in Tbilisi.

A pedestrian glass and steel bridge in a bow-shaped design sit over the Mtkvari river in the Georgian capital.

It was officially opened in May 2010.

The bridge was brought to Georgia from Italy in 200 unassembled components.

The bridge is 156 meters long and has more than 10 000 LED bulbs built-in that are switched

on daily 90 minutes before sunset. 



Vakhtang I Gorgasali, of the Chosroid dynasty, was a king of Iberia, natively known as Kartli,

in the second half of the 5th and first quarter of the 6th century.

Dating Vakhtang’s reign is problematic. With the alliance with the Byzantine Empire,

he led his people into a lengthy struggle against Sasanian-Iranian hegemony,

which ended in Vakhtang’s defeat and the weakening of the kingdom of Iberia.

Tradition also ascribes his reorganization

of the Georgian Orthodox Church and the foundation of Tbilisi, Georgia’s modern capital.



Ivane Javakhishvili assigns to Vakhtang’s rule the dates c. 449–502, 

The “Abanotubani” is the name given to the district in the Old Town of Tbilisi.

A whole street (Abanos Kucha) of public bathhouses uses

the sulfurous waters of the many hot springs in this area.

Chreli Abano is a place for a sulfur bath popular among tourists and Georgians.

The site looks like a mosque, but it’s a sulfur bath; Nice to visit and have fun.



Narikala fortress is the most known landmark of Tbilisi.

No one leaves Tbilisi without walking around this impressive fortress.

You can feel the history of Tbilisi, even though the walls are not in great shape.

During the day, the Narikala Fortress draws your attention from all sides of Tbilisi.

It overlooks Mtkvari River, which makes Narikala more incredible.

Narikala is one of the most visited places in Tbilisi.



Mother of a Georgia, erroneously known as Kartlis Deda, is a monument in Georgia’s capital Tbilisi,

which has become a city symbol.

The statue was erected on the top of Sololaki Hill in 1958 when Tbilisi celebrated its 1500th anniversary.

Prominent Georgian sculptor Elguja Amashukeli designed the twenty-meter aluminum figure

of a woman in a Georgian national dress.

She symbolizes the Georgian national character: in her left hand,

she holds a bowl of wine to greet those who come as friends,

and in her right hand is a sword for those who come as enemies.



Marvel at the narrow streets and wooden balconies of the Old Town.

We will walk in hidden streets, which tourists find difficult to find.

We also walk at famous Shardeni Street.

Shardeni Street is one of the most popular and beautiful streets in Tbilisi.

This pedestrian street is so well known that any guest that travels to Georgia never leaves this country

without visiting Shardeni Street.



Reviews Scores and Score Breakdown

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  • Gabriel

    Excellent tour with a very knowledgeable and nice guide, Mariam (May), who also gave a hands-on sense of Georgian life The best tour I did in Tbilisi.
    Highly recommended!!

    2021-10-13 at 09:57
  • Zara

    What an amazing tour! Magda was our guide and she was wonderful. She told us the history behind everything in Tblisi. We got to experience a wonderful wine tasting in the city along with learning the history behind wine in Georgia. I highly recommend this tour!

    2021-10-13 at 09:58
  • Hope

    Magnda was our tour guide. She was very knowledgeable in Georgia and Tbilisi history. She was funny and very patient with us. The tour was really amazing, I have enjoyed it and worth it for sure.

    2021-10-13 at 10:00
  • Cor B

    I would definitly recommend tobook this tour to get to know Tbilisi a bit better. It was a great tour with a enthousiastic guide with a lot of knowledge about the city and Georgia.

    2021-12-13 at 21:20
  • Marsha Flair

    May 2022 • Solo
    Great experience! I booked last moment, and I didn’t realize I was the only one who booked, but Luka made the arrangement last moment and met me on time and we had a great time exploring old Tbilisi and tasting local wine. It really felt like I met a friend, and not a regular tour guide. I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for some good stories, wine and company!

    2022-05-22 at 19:43
  • Gavin

    I was lucky to have Sofia as a guide, she’s brilliant! Explained very well using a wealth of knowledge, about the beautiful surroundings through the botanical gardens and the core of Tbilisi, and you will get to understand the history behind the Georgian culture to the current day. You’ll feel great, a wonderful beginning to my time in Georgia.

    2022-05-22 at 19:44
  • Nadia Al Fadhli

    Experience in Tbilisi
    Dec 2021 • Couples
    Soso is extremely knowledgeable about the area and is super friendly. It felt like I was on a city tour with a very good friend rather than a tour guide. Highly recommend this or any other tour with Soso! He will make sure you have a great time 🙂

    2022-05-23 at 17:40
  • Kunaal P

    Best beginning to an unforgettable holiday
    Oct 2021 • Solo
    I would not look beyond this experience as the first thing you do when you arrive in Tbilisi. I spent hours on YouTube trying to plan the holiday and all I should have done is meet Soso. He is going to personalize your tour to your liking and leaves no room for disappointment. He’s an excellent story teller, very kind and knowledgeable and secretly a good photographer. He’ll help out with every tiny thing you might need. Just book it to be amazed.

    2022-05-23 at 17:41
  • Puji W

    Amazing city tour
    Sep 2021 • Solo
    Walking along the Rusvanelli Avenue, uphill to mother of Georgian statue, then down to old city were amazing and breathtaking experiences. Ended with lemonade in Archalulebi. I won’t forget this city. Luka is the man made it happened. Thanks Luka, the man of the day

    2022-05-23 at 17:41
  • Patrick

    Probably the best city tour I’ve ever had!
    It was just a fabulous tour! Not only did we see all of the must-have-seen places of Tbilisi (which are quite some!), but also it was so much fun! Our tour guide Sally did an amazing job, she’s a super nice guide, could answer all our questions, we all learned and laughed a lot. As a solo traveler, I enjoyed exploring the city in a group and our guide managed that we all connected quickly. Definitely recommended!

    2022-06-22 at 15:40
  • Varun K

    Second time here in Georgia Tiblisi used this tour company, all I can say is “GUIDES HERE ARE AMAZING” (SOPHIE) aside from the detailed information about the tours, they’ve treated me as friends/family and this completed my tours.
    I was very impressed by the personal accompaniment – especially by my Guide Sophia who told me everything I wanted to know about history, cuisine, religion, the places itself and especially politics (!). She is smart, with amazing social skills to entertain
    Specially a big big big.. Thanks to Sasha 🤗… for making my trip memorable…

    2022-06-22 at 15:41
  • Marsha Flair

    Great great great
    Great experience! I booked last moment, and I didn’t realize I was the only one who booked, but Luka made the arrangement last moment and met me on time and we had a great time exploring old Tbilisi and tasting local wine. It really felt like I met a friend, and not a regular tour guide. I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for some good stories, wine and company!

    2022-06-22 at 15:42
  • Joanna

    Tbilisi walking city tour
    The tour was fabulous! As a solo traveler it’s nice to get acquainted with fellow travelers. Met new people and learned about the city. Our guide tamula (not sure if spelling is correct) was really fantastic! She speaks English really well and explained briefly all the history of the places we visited. We started on time and the group was not crowded, we are only 6 people on this tour.

    2022-07-17 at 07:48
  • Sara

    Great introduction to Tbilisi.
    Great walking tour. Guide was informative. Introduced us to a lovely bakery and we tasted some delicious wine. Lovely way to meet other travellers.

    2022-07-17 at 07:48
  • Rick

    The best of the best of Tiblisi in one day
    This was the best trip walking trip I have done so far. Soso who is also the partial owner of the compay conducted this walking tour for me along with his staff member. The free wine tasting in the beginning of the tour was the best to set up the mood for the rest of the walking trip. We walked through markets trying different georgian spices, the hospitality of the locals were amazing as they offered free treats and were happy to share information about their culture. We then walked through the middle bridge of the city where the old tiblisi is seperated by the new one. We then we took the cable car to the top where you will find the mother georgia monument and will get a birds eye view to the whole city. Soso and his staff were very friendly, accommodating and knowledgeable. I felt like it was just three friends travelling together and having a good time. I learnt a lot about history and culture of georgia in this one day tour. At the end of the tour the very friendly soso, his staff memeber and I finished the tour by going to a dinner together where we tried different georgian food dishes. Overall I would rate this trip 10/10. I would also suggest doing the evening tour if possible as the whole city lights up in the evening and looks amazing from everywhere you look at it.

    2022-07-17 at 07:49
  • Sayantan

    Our tour guide Mr. Givi was amazing. He was very entertaining and gave us a detailed history about all the places we visited as part of the evening tour. He was also our guide for the Kakheti day trip. The best part was he was able to make our group very happy which is rare. He is also very academically talented and is currently studying international law. All in all a wonderful experience for my family and would recommend him to all my friends who are planning to visit Georgia. Thank you Givi!

    2022-12-28 at 14:58

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