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Kazbegi,Gudauri etc.

Kazbegi,Gudauri etc.

$25 / per person
(128 Reviews)

Kazbegi-Highlights of Caucasus mountains

Brief description

The tour covers several breathtaking places along the way.

We can Easily Say that this is the highlight of your trip to Georgia.

You have so much fun with charming people laughing and dancing on the way.

The groups here are international; you can meet many incredible people.

(For solo travelers, it is a great option!).

Remember, it is a long ride, but no worries, our guides always create the mood and the atmosphere

of celebration with beautiful stories about Georgia.

This ride is challenging even for our safe and experienced drivers in winter.

We have some tips on what you should do in the winter.

First, be prepared for freezing weather, take everything warm you have, and get good sleep the night before.

Sometimes roads are blocked, and we cannot go beyond Gudauri, but in this case,

we have more time to spend at Gudauri ski resort, where you can try many activities like

paragliding ATV bikes, Horse riding, etc.



Transportation service
Guide service 


Food and drink
Optional 4WD car from Kazbegi to Gergeti.Extra 5-7USD per person.

Optional Rafting experience 50 USD.

Optional horse riding experience 20 USD.


-Take sunscreen, an umbrella, extra clothes for rafting, warm jackets, and cash for the optional activities.

-Wear comfortable shoes.



Detailed Itinerary 

We’ll meet you near Radisson Blu Iveria at 08:30 am.

Our company meeting point is located at Rose revolution square.

You will see the Big Bicycle monument and our tour leaders wearing a red scarf.

If you are coming by subway, the Shota Rustaveli metro is a 50-meter distance from the meeting point.

Because this is the central area, you have an extensive choice of hotels within walking distance.

If you prefer to take a hotel far from Tbilisi city center,

you can always use the Taxi app and come by car.

Taxi is exceptionally cheap in Georgia.

If you are a group of more than four people,

we will pick you up at 8:15AM and take you to the meeting point.



-Please let us know during the check-in time.

If you are a Vegetarian, Vegan, etc.

If you are going to do any optional activities, like rafting, horse riding, etc.

If you have any restrictions about taking and using photos and videos for marketing.

After the check-in procedure, find a comfortable seat in the minibus before 8:30 am.

Are you ready to go?


Let’s go and see Paradise!

-Enjoy the calm beauty of the Zhinvali Reservoir.

Jinvali Reservoir is located Along the Georgian military highway.

Excellent place to take amazing pictures, with blue-colored water between three cordilleras.

This is a perfect place for landscape Photography;

there are breathtaking views of the fortress and Jinvali reservoir.



-Discover Ananuri, a fortress situated on the banks of the Aragvi River.

Ananuri fortress dates to the XVI-XVIII centuries and is situated on the foreland by the river Aragvi.

Ananuri was a castle and seat of Aragvi’s Eristavis, a feudal dynasty that ruled the area from the 13th century.

The castle was the scene of numerous battles.

The fortress remained in use until the beginning of the 19th century.

In 2007, the complex was on the tentative list for inclusion in the UNESCO World Heritage Site program.



 –Try horse riding in the Mountains.

The horse riding experience isn’t our service.

That’s why we can not guarantee service, but we will recommend the best organizer.

Their horses are highly trained and know how to work with tourists.

The horse riding experience duration is 30 minutes.

The horse riding experience is an extra cost of approximately 20 USD.


-Enjoy the rafting before lunch.

In case of good weather, you can try Rafting in Ananuri.

Rafting experience isn’t our service, which is an extra cost of approximately 50 USD.

-Get the chance to sample traditional khinkali dumplings at the local restaurant.

Unique possibility to have lunch in beautiful nature.

Try super delicious, homemade, traditional dishes, and most important, Khinkali,

because you are in the homeland of these dumplings.



-Enjoy the snow in winter (15th Dec- 15th Mar).

Gudauri ski resort is located on Georgia’s south-facing plateau of the Greater Caucasus Mountain Range.

The resort is situated in the Stepantsminda District, at an elevation of 2,200 meters, above sea level,

with a skiing area enjoying maximum exposure to the sun.

Gudauri is located in the heart of the Caucasus Mountains.

The resort takes on a new life as a fabulous sightseeing destination with fresh air and select areas

for horse riding, mountain biking, hiking, paragliding, etc.



-Gudauri is a photographer’s dream in summer.

Even more!

It is Paradise for vloggers, bloggers, etc.

It is one of the best places where you can relax.

If you love meditation, you can do it in Gudauri.



-Marvel at the medieval Gergeti Trinity Church and its mountainous surroundings.

Therefore in Kazbegi village, we can rent a 4WD car and visit Gergeti Trinity Church.

The local car cost is not included in the tour price because this is optional.

Group members, who wish to visit the church, need to collect around 7 USD per person.

Gergeti Trinity Church is a popular name for Holy Trinity Church near the village of Gergeti.

The church is situated on the right bank of the river Chkheri and under Mount Kazbegi.

The elevation is 2170 meters.

The Gergeti Trinity Church was built in the 14th century.

This is the only cross-cupola church in Khevi province.



-Relaxing hour in Kazbegi Village.

Stepantsminda (Kazbegi) is known for its scenic location in the Greater Caucasus Mountains.

This is a center for trekkers and mountain climbing.

Local attractions include Mount Kazbegi and the alpine meadows and forests surrounding it.

Kazbegi Nature Reserve and Gergeti Trinity Church Outside of town. 



After finishing the experience, we recommend staying in Kazbegi.

We can drop you off at Rooms Hotel Kazbegi or any other comfortable hotel.

We arrive at Rooms hotel around 5:00 pm.

If you book the transfer from Kazbegi on any following day, you can return with another group.

Departure time from Rooms Hotel Kazbegi is every day at 7:00 pm.

Also, you can return to Tbilisi on the same day.

We have fun and arrive in Tbilisi at around 11 pm.

We will drop you off at Rose revolution square.

Thank you!




-Thank you for the good memories!

12-14 Hours

Reviews Scores and Score Breakdown

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  • Nizar

    1- Our guide “Luka” is one of the best guides I ever saw, the energy of the whole trip and the group was amazing, and he is very nice, thoughtful and he brings his own Chacha for the whole group. It spiced up the mood and was very tasty.
    2- The paragliding experience is breathtaking and I urge everyone visiting the Friendship monument in Gudauri to try it, it costed 400 Gel if your weight is above 100KG and 300 Gel of your weight is below that, better bring cash.
    3- The place where we had lunch was super nice, don’t forget to try the wooden swing facing the mountain on the second floor 😉
    4- The drive was smooth and the road and information given to us was interesting, light but at the same time won’t leave with any questions
    5- Value for money 5/5
    6- Safety and security 5/5
    7- Experience and mood, we didn’t want the day to end really! So 5/5.

    Thanks Luca for your amazing energy, Thanks Abanoub for managing the trip and checking on us till we got back!

    2021-11-29 at 14:58
  • Irina G

    It was such a memorable day! Fun little group, Luka the tour guide was so knowledgeable and made the whole tour an unforgettable experience!
    Saw beautiful sceneries, met wonderful people, ate delicious Georgian food!
    This tour was definitely the highlight of the Georgia trip!
    Make sure you go paragliding at Gergeti, it’s an experience of a lifetime!

    2021-11-29 at 15:00
  • Jenny Robinson

    Our tour guide was Luka and I must say he was the most amazing, sweet, kind and friendly person I’ve ever met. He made the tour so much fun that we dint want it to end. It was a 14 hour tour which may seem like a really long day but Luka made sure we were all entertained throughout the tour. He made us laugh, eat good food, he took care of each and every individual’s needs during the tour. Some of us were having difficulty walking in the snow, he walked with us and made us feel safe. He took really great pictures for us and we even made a TikTok. By the end of the tour it was as if we were friends since forever. Luka made the day memorable for all of us and we’re super grateful to have met such a gem of a person. Thank you BudgetFriendlyTours, Luka is an asset to you guys!! I would definitely recommend this tour if you want a fun filled day.

    2021-12-22 at 19:04
  • Ayushik

    I was traveling in Georgia with my wife and when I wanted to book some tours to explore Georgia, I checked TripAdvisor and saw this 5 star tour. I really never thought that this tour could be so good. It deserves more then 5 stars.
    Firstly we so Jinvali dam and it was very nice view from there. I recommend to try swing there. The. We visited very attractive fortress and after that we had Georgian lunch in very nice restaurant. Food was just amazing. You know what. The most beautiful views are coming after lunch. Friendship monument and that church on the top are just wonderfull.
    Our tour guide Luka was very fun and knowledgeable. He shared a lot of information and we danced and sing in the car as well. Long story short it’s highly recommend

    2022-05-03 at 19:58
  • Hanzal

    Very well organized tour with professional driver and tour guide.

    The tour guide is very well prepared. And made sure everyone is happy and enjoying.

    Bus was clean and new

    It is nice to do the tour with them to meet other travelers.

    2022-05-03 at 20:04
  • Lai

    The trip was great, although it was raining and the road to Kazbegi was closed. So we changed our plan and visited several other great places along the roads. It was a great experience. Highly recommend this tour to you guys and Luca is a great tour guide.

    2022-05-09 at 06:08
  • Thomas Cawley

    Fantastic trip with Luka! He was a true gent. The weather was shocking so we didn’t do all the things we had planned but that’s unavoidable. I’m not much oh a; spend hours walking around one place for the perfect picture, kind of person so they where kind enough to be quick about things.
    For the price, it is perfect.

    2022-05-09 at 06:09
  • John Mark Ingal

    The tour was very great. Luca the tour guide put some extra fun by being so lively, the tour during the traveling periods was never boring because of him. This is a must recommendation.

    2022-05-09 at 13:45
  • Ama Hadeedi

    The tour was literally amazing. Very organized and all places we visited are breathtaking. The best thing about the tour was the lovely guid Luka. He gave us a lot of interesting information about the historical places we visited and he made the tour so much fun and unforgettable. I highly recommend the tour especially with Luka 🤍

    2022-05-09 at 13:47
  • Rob R

    A great day in the mountains!
    May 2022 • Friends
    Luka was a fun and very informative guide, especially for such an ambitious day on the road. I don’t have any negatives. I would definitely recommend this tour to others.

    2022-05-22 at 19:28
  • pavel

    May 2022 • Friends
    Had an awesome time with Luca, would definitely recommend. Make sure you take some cash with you, as there are some optional trips and flea markets along the way.

    2022-05-22 at 19:30
  • Irfan R

    Very good
    May 2022 • Family
    A very friendly staff and guide including the driver. Will recommend it to everyone . The guide was very informative and friendly

    2022-05-23 at 17:35
  • Mohamed Z

    Amazing Tour
    Feb 2022 • Friends
    Amazing Trip we had so much Fun .. enjoyed every single Moment .. Sofie was so much helpful and Fun tour guide to be with .. Highly recomended

    2022-05-23 at 17:36
  • Tina Jacklin D

    Tour to Kazbegi mountains with Luka
    Me and my friend we took a tour to Kazbegi mountains. Nice and comfortable car with driver Gurami and Tour guide Luka came at our hotel on time and picked us up.
    Every stop on our tour were very beautiful. Views of the mountains were amazing. Our tour guide Luka was friendly to us and explained all the history of different places. We stopped at very nice Georgian restaurant and food was very delicious. Thank you for this experience. Highly recommended

    2022-05-25 at 16:56
  • Mohammed F

    Very good and wonderful experience
    May 2022 • Solo
    I had a great experience in Georgia and I was accompanied by very friendly guide Mr. Luka and Guram who took us around and explained us very well about each and every location which were visited and was very patient.

    I will definitely recommend to my friends to visit and opt for this tour.

    2022-05-25 at 16:57
  • Irene G

    Better than my family hosts me
    May 2022 • Business
    Guys have gently changed departure time for our team. During very first minutes of the ride we understood it was right choice! Incredible view points, interesting excursion guided by professionals, very attentive and friendly guides! Some of us have tried paragliding – definitely worth it!! Hiking was as difficult as the fist visit to the gym after all-inclusive holidays)))) To sum it up, we love each point they have chosen for the trip! So, guys have shared great emotions and unique life experience.
    I hope we’ll be friends.
    God bless them!

    2022-05-25 at 16:58
  • m o

    Georgia is amazing ❤️
    May 2022 • Couples
    Very well recommended tour for first timers. ❤️ Still now on our 2nd day but we enjoyed it very much. Thumbs up for Abanoub as he is very responsive in all my querries. 👍 Thumbs up as well to Sophie and Luca as they are very professional and friendly…

    2022-05-25 at 16:59
  • Mohamed Z Mohamed Z

    Amazing Tour
    Feb 2022 • Friends
    Amazing Trip we had so much Fun .. enjoyed every single Moment .. Sofie was so much helpful and Fun tour guide to be with .. Highly recomended

    2022-05-26 at 19:38
  • Lilo

    A wonderful day
    Apr 2021
    What a wonderful day I had ! The road from Jinvali to Kazbegi was amazing ! Because of the gorgeous landscapes of the Caucasus mountains but also thanks to the cultural knowledges, flexibility and kindness of our guide and to the super good mood of the group members. This day will stay in my mind as a sweet, funny and pleasantly unexpected experience. I was quit septical about group tours but I will recommend to every tourists( solo/family/friends/couple) to book a group tour with Budget Friendly because it’s a great way to discover a country like Georgia and because…What a sweet memory !

    2022-05-26 at 19:39
  • Hussein

    excellent tour
    Mr. Luca was super excellent during the tour
    He so friendly, gave us a lot of historic information, so Collaborator
    Nice and practice

    2022-05-28 at 09:52
  • Lai

    Great journey
    The trip was great, although it was raining and the road to Kazbegi was closed. So we changed our plan and visited several other great places along the roads. It was a great experience. Highly recommend this tour to you guys and Luca is a great tour guide.

    2022-05-28 at 10:02
  • Thomas C

    Luka is the man.
    Fantastic trip with Luka! He was a true gent. The weather was shocking so we didn’t do all the things we had planned but that’s unavoidable. I’m not much oh a; spend hours walking around one place for the perfect picture, kind of person so they where kind enough to be quick about things.
    For the price, it is perfect.

    2022-05-28 at 10:03
  • Lizzy D Lizzy D

    Lovely mountain day
    A fantastic day in the Georgian mountains. The experience was beautiful and very interesting. Lasha was a great guide, would highly recommend to anyone visiting Georgia.

    2022-05-29 at 11:47
  • Mohamed Alkafafy

    Nice trip with nice people
    I love the experience. The atmosphere was nice and enjoyed. Lasha is a nice guy , approachable and knowledgeable. I would love to go again to other destinations

    2022-05-29 at 11:48
  • Rodolph

    Great tour with a great guide
    Great tour, very well organized and amazing spots. Unfortunately, i was not able to do the paragliding even after paying the fees. But other than that, it was breathtaking.
    I recommend this tour, and make sure to ask for Luca to be your guide! Great personality and proffesional lad!

    2022-05-30 at 07:22
  • Hussein

    Amazing day
    excellent tour
    Mr. Luca was super excellent during the tour
    He so friendly, gave us a lot of historic information, so Collaborator
    Nice and practice

    2022-05-30 at 07:22
  • Ama Hadeedi

    Breathtaking experience! Luka is the best guide 😎
    The tour was literally amazing. Very organized and all places we visited are breathtaking. The best thing about the tour was the lovely guid Luka. He gave us a lot of interesting information about the historical places we visited and he made the tour so much fun and unforgettable. I highly recommend the tour especially with Luka 🤍

    2022-05-30 at 07:25
  • Kevin B

    Awesome trip
    Awesome trip. Paragliding is the highlight of this trip. Definitely a must to do. Our guide Luka is very friendly, caring and speak very English very well. He gives a lot of interesting information.

    2022-06-02 at 17:57
  • Carith

    Chillin’ in Caucasus
    Lasha was great, a guy with character, who yet did his best in catering to our every need. The tour was nicely paced with enough time to explore each location.

    2022-06-02 at 17:57
  • Bipbip

    I’m not a tour person but…
    This tour was one of my highlights of my week in Georgia, i would do it again and highly recommend it. Lasha, our tour guide, is an amazing person, his fun, has a lot of knowledge and will make you feel like you are hanging out with friends. The driving is imaculate, i felt very secure and confortable and even the views towards the destinations were mesmerizing. The places you’ll visit will take your breath away. If you are worried about being rushed by your guide, don’t be. It was one of my concerns when booking but everything is so well organized that you will have time to see everything really smoothly. Plus you can meet some amazing people. Unforgetable.

    2022-06-02 at 17:59
  • Yanny P

    Amazing experience
    It was a nice experience, the entire day went smooth. It was very informative about each place stop that connects to the history of Georgia. Luka, our tourguide, has a very welcoming personality that kept the group fun together. He is very knowledgeable and answers our questions thoroughly. I will definitely recommend this tour to my friends and colleagues.

    2022-06-02 at 18:00
  • Mobile61866865326

    The best activity you can do in Georgia
    We had an amazing day trip with Soso and his team. They do everything they can do to make their customers happy. I highly recommend this trip to anyone seeking to enjoy a full-day Georgian experience.

    2022-06-10 at 19:13
  • Hussain Alanizi

    We went to Caucasus Mountains, Jinvali,Ananuri,Gudauri and Kazbegi
    We had a great tour with amazing friendly group specially Soso, Anna and Sofia. I really recommended this group. Thanks a million guys.

    2022-06-10 at 19:25
  • Adel H

    I Adore them a lot and of course I’ll repeat it with them but in different places.
    First time been in Tbilisi and we wanted to discover the city. We decided to choose this group because I heard many great feedback from a lot of tourists. We had a great tour around Tbilisi with many breathtaking landscapes, mountains and rivers. We enjoyed traditional Georgian food in great restaurant. About the group tour, these amazing guys Soso, Sophie and Anna were astonishing people with great smile all time. They were friendly, helpful and fabulous hosts. I really recommend this group to everyone wants to have a enjoyable time and you will never regret.

    2022-06-10 at 19:27
  • Muhamed

    Best trip ever
    The trip is very beautiful, the views are very beautiful, the group is very beautiful, Soso, Sophie and Anna, they are very nice, honest and funny and I enjoyed the trip because of them Thank you

    2022-06-10 at 19:28
  • Chris B

    Great day trip from tbilisi!
    Luka made for a very enjoyable day, what an amazing guide! Overall, I was really impressed with how many different things we got to see. The restaurant we ate at had really nice food, and Luka was helpful In suggesting local dishes. The transportation was very comfortable. The highlight of the trip was kazbegi which is absolutely stunning. So happy that I did this tour!

    2022-06-10 at 19:31
  • Robin S

    Great tour!
    Excellent tour. Very friendly and knowledgeable guides. We seemed to fit in a lot of sights without the day feeling too busy! Highly recommended.

    2022-06-15 at 20:07
  • josh

    Great tour with a great company
    Absolutely amazing day out! Great tour and well worth the money. Lasha is an attentive, kind and entertaining guide. The bus was comfortable and the day was planned out well. Highly recommend this tour and this company

    2022-06-15 at 20:07
  • Mahmoud Kassab

    Amazing Trip
    The trip was amazing and the host is amazing as well
    I had so much fun
    We stopped at amazing views and enjoyed activities and games during the trip

    2022-06-15 at 20:15
  • Adam W

    Beautiful views and an excellently organised tour
    Excellent overall experience. The sights are truly stunning. The tour guides were friendly and knowledgeable. The tour was well organised throughout

    2022-06-15 at 20:16
  • Preeti D

    Heaven on Earth!
    This tour explores the most beautiful mountains and churches. The views are breathtaking, the bus ride is an absolute delight as well. It is literally heaven on earth. The tour is informative, relaxed and so much fun! Highly recommend this tour when in Georgia.

    2022-06-15 at 20:17
  • Carola B

    Amazing day
    The visit was perfect… really well organised and planned… the car was comfortable and the place we visited really interesting… our guide Lasha had a perfect knowledge about places and their history… highly recommended

    2022-06-16 at 15:53
  • Denis B

    Extremely nice trip
    If you want a trip that shows you everything Georgias nature has to offer and ends in a glamorous hotel, you’ve come to the right place.
    Guide was extremely funny and knowledgeable about everything we’ve visited. We were at the wrong meeting place and the guide came to our place and took us from there. Really enjoyed the trip.

    2022-06-16 at 15:54
  • Varun K

    Amazing tour guide, beautiful places, fabulous foods..all of the moments became my precious memories☺️Can definitely recommend this tour! Make sure to wear appropriate clothes as the temperature would be around 10 degrees lower than Tbilisi
    Again special thanks to sasha…
    We are always remember these moments..

    2022-06-16 at 15:55
  • Anonymous

    Amazing day spent!
    I had an amazing time on this day trip! Lasha and soso are amazing tour guides and they made our day really fun and interesting!

    2022-06-16 at 15:56
  • Marina U

    Daydream Daytrip
    Excellent daytrip from Tbilisi with bucket list places like Gergeti monastery! Great guides who go the extra mile to take care of You 😍

    2022-06-19 at 09:32
  • Nas

    Good trip
    It was a worth it trip. We have a lot of fun and the weather helped us for real. Also, the staffs are really friendly! They did a good job helping us and giving us some information about Georgia and the Georgian culture.

    2022-06-19 at 09:32
  • Patrick

    Didn’t expect a mountains tour to be that fun!
    This was already my second excursion with Budget Friendly Tours and it was really great! Totally enjoyed my time with our guide Luca, who was really fun and told us so many interesting facts of the places we’ve visited. Definitely recommended if you want to get the most of a day in the Caucasus mountains!

    2022-06-19 at 09:33
  • Lena L

    Well organized and informative
    I really loved the lovely detailed explanations of each place we visited. Our your leader , Luka, made us all feel welcomed and did a great job. The tour was really well organized and I would recommend it to anyone visiting Tbilisi for the first time or even to folks who have been in Georgia for a while as it’s a great opportunity to learn more about the history of this region.

    2022-06-19 at 09:34
  • JamesLukose

    Highlights of Caucasus Mountains-Jinvali,Ananuri,Gudauri,Kazbegi by Budget Friendly Tours Georgia.
    *I really enjoyed this tour. Luka was my tour guide. Luka and driver were friendly, responsible, well mannered, and caring. I highly recommend this tour. Tour was very well organized.
    From this tour, I saw:
    (1) Rose Revolution Square;
    (2) Jinvali Water Reservoir (located along the Georgian military highway where I got on the swing set for 5 GEL);
    (3) Ananuri Fortified Castle Ensemble (situated on the foreland by the river Aragvi);
    (4) Restaurant Kakhaberi (had super delicious, homemade, traditional dishes);
    (5) Gudauri View Point in Ganisi;
    (6) Russian Georgian Friendship Monument in Gudauri (the monument is a large round stone and concrete structure overlooking the Devil’s Valley in the Caucasus Mountains);
    (7) Stepantsminda, Georgia (saw Mount Kazbegi);
    (8) Gergeti Trinity Church in the village of Gergeti (The church is situated on the right bank of the river Chkheri and under Mount Kazbegi at an elevation of 2170 meters. The Gergeti Trinity Church was built in the 14th century);
    (9) Rooms Hotel Kazbegi;

    2022-06-22 at 15:33
  • Irfan R

    Very good
    A very friendly staff and guide including the driver. Will recommend it to everyone . The guide was very informative and friendly

    2022-06-22 at 15:35
  • Mohamed Z

    Amazing Tour
    Amazing Trip we had so much Fun .. enjoyed every single Moment .. Sofie was so much helpful and Fun tour guide to be with .. Highly recomended

    2022-06-22 at 15:36
  • Lilo

    A wonderful day
    What a wonderful day I had ! The road from Jinvali to Kazbegi was amazing ! Because of the gorgeous landscapes of the Caucasus mountains but also thanks to the cultural knowledges, flexibility and kindness of our guide and to the super good mood of the group members. This day will stay in my mind as a sweet, funny and pleasantly unexpected experience. I was quit septical about group tours but I will recommend to every tourists( solo/family/friends/couple) to book a group tour with Budget Friendly because it’s a great way to discover a country like Georgia and because…What a sweet memory !

    2022-06-22 at 15:36
  • Mikmik

    Learning while enjoying
    We would like to thank our tour guide, Ms. Magda, for our wonderful fun filled day. She is very knowledgeable, brilliant, and very nice person. Georgia is a very beautiful country full of colourful culture and history. We learned a lot from her and we enjoyed her company. We would also like to mention our driver (i forgot his name) he is very nice and approachable also.

    2022-06-22 at 15:38
  • Alina F

    Just great!
    Just a great trip! The most beautiful, clever, nice, gorgeous lady-guide Nini Urgo! <3 Responsive management, professional driver, and above all words, Georgian nature and monuments!

    2022-06-22 at 15:45
  • Mats N

    Brilliant daytour exploration from Tiblisi
    Really enjoyed the guides history knowledge of Georgia, good choice for food and excellent relaxation in the mountains. Visits of beautiful and historic locations in a breathtaking landscape!

    2022-06-22 at 15:46
  • Fouad700Global

    Stunning and fascinating trip to outside of Tbilisi – Kazbegi, Gudauri, Lakes, Mountains with Soso Team ♠️
    Lasha and Soso made for a very enjoyable day for me and friends, what an amazing guide and organizers they are! Me and all friedns were really impressed with how many different things we got to see. The transportation was very comfortable. The highlight of the trip was kazbegi which is absolutely stunning. Soso made some game on the road as well and he deeply touched to people heart, which was nice & elegant. I know him more than 4 years, So happy to do tours with him and his company. Lovely day, people, team!

    2022-06-23 at 17:59
  • Liza

    Best trip 🙂
    The trip was amazing! Lasha and Soso did everything to make everyone happy:) They answered all questions and told really interesting stories! The tour was super informative, we got to see a lot of interesting and beautiful places! The best one was the mountain Kazbegi, it was absolutely stunning! We tried really nice food too:) The trip was informative and comfortable. Thank you for this experience! I will definitely go to other trips with you again 🙂

    2022-06-23 at 18:00
  • Olya M

    Unforgettable day in Georgia
    One day that gives you a maximum of emotion. You can enjoy amazing landscapes, you can learn some history of the region and you can try local cuisine and drinks. Can just one day fit it all? Indeed it can!! Even more! With Lasha as your tour guide you will get the warmest welcome, interesting facts and historical information and a good laugh too))
    The day can pass, but memories will stay with you forever.
    Thanks to the whole team for showing us Georgia

    2022-06-23 at 18:03
  • Raquel G

    Incredible experience for solo travelers
    If you are traveling alone and have limited time, this is a perfect option. Visiting the Great Caucus, ancient monasteries and forts, while also having amazing food and wine/chacha is a definite must when visiting Georgia. Lasha was a fantastic guide, answering all questions, giving suggestions and being really engaging with all travelers.
    Lastly, if you’re considering paragliding, do it. It’s a wonderful experience and the view is unmatched.

    2022-06-23 at 18:04
  • Rida

    Very good experience!
    I absolutely loved this tour! The views were absolutely stunning and the weather was beautiful despite it being summer. I took so many photos and will definitely look back at them later! My favorite part of the tour was paragliding across the mountains. Our tour guide Lasha was very friendly and knowledgeable. The full day trip was not as tiring as I thought it would be. I would recommend going if you are visiting Georgia!

    2022-07-01 at 10:41
  • Qazzafi P

    Great experience
    We really enjoyed the tour. It is value for money. Special thanks to our guide Lasha for explaining everything in detail and treat us like a family. Highly recommend this tour.

    2022-07-01 at 10:42
  • Kenan

    Amazing crew, amazing tour!
    Everything about the tour was amazing, the staff were cooperative and very professional. The sceneries were breathtaking. 100% would recommend!
    I would like to thank everyone in the crew, especially the amazing tour guide and coordinator.

    2022-07-01 at 10:43
  • Leen R

    It’s a day to remember
    It was really a great day , soso, tamar and of course the driver kakha made it more special.
    The team was perfect, and so friendly,( they bought us raincoats when it started to rain, took us to a very beautiful restaurant in the mountains, games in the bus in our way back to tblisi.
    Let’s say they really help us to feel like we are one big families.
    The trip was in general stunning, the mountain Amr soo beautiful, the off road trip to the top of the mountain was great chance, I highly recommended

    2022-07-01 at 10:44
  • Shabbir M

    Your Full Team was Excellent starting from Driver Khakha, Soso,Tamar.They made whole trip so easy n memorable. Specially Soso and
    Your Full Team was Excellent starting from Driver Khakha, Soso,Tamar.
    They made whole trip so easy n memorable and lot of games n activity made it very easy to remember othr passengers.
    Memorable Trip.

    2022-07-01 at 10:46
  • Isha W

    The Best Experience
    The best experience we had in Tblisi. From the time i received the confirmation i was contacted by their manager Abanoub. He kept me notified and made me feel welcomed and even assisted with providing additional information about Georgia.
    When we went to their office, the day of the tour it was another experience… we felt like home and the entire team was so friendly and was with a chilled vibe.
    Our tour guide Lika was exceptional. Her energy, knowledge and friendly attitude kept us going and made it so entertaining. The tour was very well organized and we were very well looked after… I highly recommend these guys and for sure will be returning back to them for my future tblisi tours…

    2022-07-01 at 10:47
  • Simonski11

    amazing day to remember
    After booking this tour, I did not even check the sites we would have been visiting during the tour, as I did not want to have expectations.
    We visited so many interesting places and our tour guide, Nini, was so well prepared about the history and open to any questions regarding Georgia, its culture and traditions.
    The group of people I was with was international, so pretty interesting to chat with other travellers from so many other nationalities.
    I had lots of fun, due to lack of time I could not participate in other tours organised by Budget Friendly Georgia, but I am 100% sure next time I am in Tbilisi, I will take part in another of its tours.
    I highly recommend this tour! Madloba!

    2022-07-01 at 10:58
  • Dana V

    Friendly tour
    Thank you for a great experience! The atmosphere was friendly, the team showed us the best places and provided valuable information. We had a great driver which is very important. Thanks to Soso, Tamar and Ana for hospitality and caring good care of us

    2022-07-01 at 10:58
  • Fahad

    The Caucasus mountains are gorgeous, I think that everyone should check it out. Lasha was a splendid guide, I highly recommend him

    2022-07-02 at 08:46
  • Amjad

    Extraordinary tour and company operator
    Summary: the tour operator (Budget Friendly Tours) has introduced new definition to the tourism industry!
    Not only the itinerary was filled with breathtaking views, enough to let the long drive enjoyable. but the tour guides have decided this is not enough to make your experience unforgettable! games, dances & laughter were the theme of the day to get the tourists engaged & enjoyed!
    The driver, Kakha, has made the ride very smooth.
    The guide, Tamar, was very skilled, rich in touristic & historical background. She was the kind of guides that maintains eye contact with all & gets them engaged. She established cool bind with all.
    Tamar was accompanied by 2 other representatives, SOSO & Anna whom were the cherry on the cake! The team was around us, offering help with photography, ideas, info, translation, food & souvenirs recommendations. They kept their eyes on the weather changes to proactively align the route plan.
    In the middle of the trip, each guest received a “Quality check” WhatsApp msg from the operator’s representative, Abanoub, asking for their “current” feedback! Imagine the level of excellence when they proactively do a pulse check before it is late! Hats off!
    In my review, I’ve focused on the experience delivered rather than the sightseeing stops. No doubt each stop was themed with breathtaking views & fresh air that is enough to rejuvenate you on the spot. but the positive experience I had forces me acknowledge the company efforts to make this trip extraordinary.

    2022-07-02 at 08:47
  • Reema K

    I can say the best 14 hours spent in Georgia. This tour would be the highlight of my trip and inspiration to come back again. The tour is so well organized, and the places that are articulated are phenomenal. And more so in this long trip, we didn’t have even a single dull moment with Lasha, our tour guide. He is entertaining, funny, and moreover very thoughtful. He made sure everyone is well taken care off….and as a bonus we got to experience his melodious singing too 🙂 I highly recommend this tour, I would give it a ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️, because it truly exceeded my expectation.

    2022-07-02 at 08:48
  • Татьяна Х

    I can start with the meeting points it was convincing for me only few minutes from my hotel. Also when we were in the bus our Guide Lasha he make us introduce each other the break the ice as most of the people didn’t know each other. That’s helped us to be more engaged and we were enjoying as a group of people who know each other. I was alone on the trip so it helped me do not feel lonely, feel that I am part of group. We played some funny games during the trip, laugh a lot, sing, thank you Lasha as he made is very funny and enjoyable. Honestly he was always around with some interesting facts and historical information related to the trip. And at the same time it wasn’t too much so you will have time to enjoy the place on your own and made some pictures. The places we were visiting it’s really incredible locations and I never see something similar to it in my life. The Nature and surroundings is beautiful, the air was so clean that you feel like you can’t stop breathing. I would love to take it with me to Dubai). On the way we stoped in some restaurant which has an amazing atmosphere and you feel the Georgian culture in everything starting from design, food and of cause wine. I got my prize from the game I won from Lasha exact semi dry red one and was so happy.
    I would definitely recommend this company and this trip and tomorrow will share another feedback as I am going to another trip with them 🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊. Based on my experience I can trust them because I really enjoyed the time today.

    2022-07-02 at 08:49
  • Alee

    The highlight of my Georgia trip was this tour definitely. It was extremely well organized and scheduled on time.
    The places selection were impeccable and as a tourist, it wouldn’t have been possible to explore this on my own.
    Hats off to the Tripadvisor team and espacially the tour guide Lasha, who was extremely informative and fun. There was never a dull moment and kept us entertained through out till the end.
    Highly recommend this for anyone visiting Georgia to see the most mesmerizing places and views.
    Once again a big shout out to Tripadvisor and Lasha, thank you very much.

    2022-07-02 at 08:50
  • Shatish FD

    Great service and overall value for money. Everything spot on as advertised with a flamboyant and energetic guide. Highly recommended 👌🏻

    2022-07-02 at 08:50
  • Nicholas Lim

    Great trip and majestic mountain. Very good tour company and professional guide. Energetic guide and made sure to keep us entertained throughout the trip

    2022-07-02 at 08:51
  • Eva V

    Great day with Luka
    Summary: Highlight of my vacation.
    While I was planning to Travel in Georgia. i checked everything about this country. Places to visit, top foods and Nice tours as well. And I Found this one. To tell you The truth I did not expect it would be so nice but it exceeded my expectations. All the views and places are so beautiful you can’t even imagine. We tried some most popular Georgian food as well and it was amazing
    Big thanks to our driver Soso for safe driving And to Luka for being so nice and friendly to us. With these guys we felt like we were traveling with friends. We I come back in Georgia and trust me I will definitely come back, I hope I will meet them again
    This tour is really highly recommended!

    2022-07-02 at 08:52
  • lucynrl

    Cool tour!
    This tour was definitely worth the cost. The tour guide, Luka was very enthusiastic and friendly. He was very knowledgeable and was very interactive with the group. Luka had a lot of cool trivia that was fascinating. He kept the trip entertaining and made sure the group was comfortable throughout the trip. He was very easy to talk and open with the tour group. The tour by itself was really concise and very fun. The bus provided was comfortable and the size of the group was manageable which helped with keeping on time if you are here for a short trip. I would definitely recommend this tour. Definitely a great way to explore parts of georgia, especialy if youre here for a quick trip. You will definitely have a great time!

    2022-07-02 at 09:08
  • JZ

    Excellent tour with great stops and wonderful guide
    Luka was a wonderful guide from the beginning. Friendly and knowledgeable, he made sure that all the details were taken care of and that we had enough time to do the activities we wanted. His English was excellent and he was patient with answering all of our questions. He even had a game for the group on the drive back, where he gave prizes. I highly recommend this tour and Luka I’m particular.

    2022-07-05 at 12:32
  • Drew S

    Luka is a master orchestrator and facilitator of fun. He coordinated a well thought out tour filled with history, extravagant excursions (paragliding), some of the most beautiful scenery Georgia has to offer. He was a gentleman and professional. Highly recommended if you’re transitioning through this gorgeous country.

    2022-07-05 at 12:32
  • hari nair

    Kazbeg trip
    The trip was amazing. The views were breathtaking. A big shout out to our tour guide Luca. He made the trip so interactive, and the we played some fun filled games as well.
    I am really impressed with the entire arrangement from starting till end. Highly recommend it.

    2022-07-05 at 12:33
  • Philip

    Beautiful scenery and an informative tour!
    We had a great time seeing the scenery thanks to our guide, Luka! He was friendly, helpful, and demonstrated a good knowledge of the history and lore of the various sites and stops.
    The trip moved at a leisurely and relaxing pace – I never felt rushed, but the time passed quickly.
    Breathtaking scenery and opportunities for activities (paragliding, horseback riding etc.) along the way as well as stops at a couple of restaurants.
    The ride up to the church was a highlight of the trip!

    2022-07-05 at 12:34
  • Louis Leh Dr

    A pleasant and relaxing day travelling great distances to the Caucasus mountains (5/5)
    Travelling by van, punctually, to the breathtaking Caucasus mountains, visiting historical sites, taking in more breathtaking fresh air and beautiful environs, along with good travelling companions. Our guide Mr Lasha is excellent.

    2022-07-05 at 12:34
  • Gabrielle L

    Luca is awesome
    Todays tour was fantastic! We got so much done in one day. Luca was so friendly and knowledgeable and helpful. In one day we saw historic monuments, gorgeous mountains, went paragliding, to an old fort and a monastery, off-roading and so much more. We got to eat traditional Georgian foods and learn all about the culture and country. Definitely would recommend this tour to anyone wanting s day trip from Tblisi!

    2022-07-05 at 12:35
  • Miwa O

    Beautiful Kazbegi
    This trip was well planned and organized. Thanks to our tour guide Luka it was an enjoyable experience. Luka was passionate, friendly and has a good sense of humour which kept us entertained. He gave us lots of historical and cultural information and was more than happy to answer questions. He took good care of us ensuring we were safe and happy. Would definitely recommend this tour!

    2022-07-05 at 12:36
  • Keren R

    Great experience
    This tour was amazing. Luka, our tour guide had a good knowledge of the spots we stopped to look at. He was fun and kind. We never felt rushed.
    The driver of the van was a smooth driver. The van was comfortable and had charging ports. It was the best 14 hour tour we’ve done and the places we went were breathtaking.
    Thanks, Luka for giving us a great experience of Georgia!

    2022-07-05 at 12:36
  • omran

    Amazing experience!
    The tour was amazing with a very friendly and helpful guid Lasha. Its far much better and cheaper than a private tour. We meet at a predetermined point and get to know each other then start the 14 hours trip. There is no need to pack snacks as you will stop by restaurants and supermarkets on the way. The guid will help you with everything whether its tour related or not.

    2022-07-05 at 12:38
  • charles t

    Kazbegi tour with Luka
    The car is very nice Mercedes sprinter, the tour guide Luka is super friendly and fun, the pace is slow and not in a hurry. Luka always gives detailed information about each stop. The lunch place is nice and quiet. The price is very reasonable.

    2022-07-06 at 17:03
  • Andres Naris

    Hands down the best tour I have been part of!
    I want to say a big thanks to BudgetFriendlyTours for this blissful tour. Value for money is just excellent.
    At the morning pickup point, we were greeted by cheerful Soso who made small talk with us and memorised almost all the names in our group in the space of 5 minutes, which was very impressive. The tour’s Mercedes bus was comfortable, clean and it had air conditioning, basically the perfect bus for such a long trip. The stops where we got to enjoy the views and look around were absolutely breathtaking and you will have to see it with your own eyes. One of the best views ever guaranteed!
    To make our journey back to Tbilisi more fun we listened to songs from all the participants’ countries which was really fun to hear and experience new kinds of music.
    We had a wonderful guide Lasha, who is an amazing guide with an amazing singing voice and most importantly he is an amazing person. The way he entertained us throughout the journey and united the group was phenomenal. He spoke English very well and explained the history of the monuments and the points we visited.

    2022-07-06 at 17:03
  • SalemAQ

    The trip advisor was amazing and fun and had cultural background on everyplace we went to and recommended us with a great lunch

    2022-07-06 at 17:04
  • Doha

    Best tour would totally do it again!!
    I had such a good time!! the tour guide Stephanie was
    so sweet and friendly. It was amazing we saw the
    different activities people do and the beautiful view of
    the mountains. definitely would recommend.

    2022-07-06 at 17:05
  • Noura A

    Sophie is the best!
    What an amazing trip ❤️ All thanks to our guide Sophie
    From the very first start of the tour to the last stop, we got to learn about historical sites, enjoy the scenery and take wonderful pictures, and we even got the chance to go paragliding on top of the Caucasus Mountains (extra charge 300GEL) which was an unreal experience
    I have a better understanding and appreciation for Georgian culture after this unforgettable experience
    Thank you Budget friendly tours
    and thank you Sophie

    2022-07-06 at 17:06
  • Elisabeth E

    Highly recommend!
    This day trip was one of the highlights of our trip!
    Guide Lasha did his work with great passion and love, and his positivity kept our spirits up for the entire trip! Best tour guide I’ve ever had!
    As Estonians, we are more introverted, but Lasha made everyone get to know each other right away, which made the group well united. I am grateful to have met so many awesome people from different countries!
    The bus was very neat, beautiful and clean. We also made a lot of stops and it made the long drive enjoyable. On the way back, we all listened to national music, and finally the guide Lasha sang for us in Georgian, and his singing voice was amazing!
    In the restaurant I ate the best Khinkalis of my trip and the house wine was also wonderful!
    The views are insanely powerful, I still look at these photos over and over and can’t believe I actually went to such places!
    I highly recommend! Thank you!

    2022-07-06 at 17:15
  • Shegil

    A beautiful day trip to Caucasus mountains.
    The trip to Caucasus Mountains is excellent. Our tour team of Khaha, Tamar, Soso and Anna made it memorable. They didn’t let us recognize its a long journey and that is so appreciable.
    Beauty of the places and rich history surrounding it is a thing beyond words. There was opportunity to try paragliding too. In the distance you can see snow covered mountains.
    Tamar our guide was very professional and gave detailed information about each destination that gave us a wow moment. Soso and Anna are full of energy and made the trip even more entertaining. Mercedes bus was comfortable and clean.
    In a nutshell one can trust Budget Friendly tours for a happy trip. Thank you soo much for an amazing day .
    From Osheen and Shegil

    2022-07-06 at 17:15
  • Raymond Ching

    Great and excellent local tour in Tbilisi
    It was such a great and nice tour while we stay in Tbilisi. The tour guide Lasha did an excellent job, explaining the history of the historical ruins and background, playing card games with us, playing excellent songs from all of our original favorites, making the journey more enjoyable. And between us the travelers can easily make friends with each others.
    Besides, the car is extremely comfortable, clean and tidy. With the magnificent views of the mountains range, what else than i say for a sightseeing extra more than we expected.
    I definitely recommend for this local tour while one want to explore more mountains side or non urban area for Tbilisi. Excellent tour 👍🏼👍🏼

    2022-07-09 at 11:35
  • David

    Highly recommend!
    My husband and I came to Georgia for our honeymoon and are very happy that we went on this tour. In one day we saw many incredibly beautiful places, learned the history of Tbilisi, and also ate delicious Georgian dishes.
    The guide, Luka, is a very friendly, kind and open person. You feel like old friends with him. He took care of us everywhere and was very attentive.
    We really enjoyed this trip! Thanks to Luka and the whole team! We highly recommend!

    2022-07-09 at 11:36
  • Sutina N

    Caucasusus mountains & khazbegi
    Wonderful day tour to the mountains. It was scenic. I had booked and was looking forward to it when I fell sick the day before. I took my meds and “strengthen” myself to still go. Abanoub was very patient and considerate in respond to my needs. I requested Lasha guide as he was recomended by my friend. Very, very worth it for a whole day, many stops and enough time at each place. Nice comfortable new van. Driver was very good maneuvering the van at mountain slopes.
    Lasha gave detailed and good explanation on the histor y and significance of each place visited. Best of all he was caring about me coz I was not too fit and always obliging us. Definitely recomend this tour with Lash and Budgrt friendly tours. PS: they are not available on get your guide

    2022-07-11 at 08:35
  • Ahmed

    One of the Best Tours in Georgia!
    We had a terrific time. One of the best tours you can take in Georgia.
    – The tour was very well organized
    All the stops were well thought off and we didn’t feel like being rushed or get time to feel bored. Just the perfect balance.
    – our guide (Luka) was very friendly and helpful.
    – We saw some amazing places. The nature on this tour was just breathtaking.
    – bonus points for the playlist on the way back 😀
    Definitely recommend it to anyone. A day very well spent. You’ll love it.

    2022-07-11 at 08:35
  • Pragya P

    Amazing experience,friendly tour
    We went on a lovely full day tour in Georgia with this company and enjoyed it very much- I loved the tour guide and the highlights, it was very fun as we played games and made merry even during the journey to and fro. This comes highly recommended

    2022-07-11 at 08:36
  • VKriszti

    Fantastic experience in Caucasus mountains! Our tour guide, Sofia created a great ambience with music & chacha for our long day trip. Many information has been also shared about Georgia which made our day very pleasant. Great spots to stop, good organization. Get ready for a breathtaking landscape with new activities (paragliding) to try.
    Big kudos for the organizers!

    2022-07-12 at 18:46
  • Marya A

    Excellent tour!
    Excellent tour! Our tour guide Sofia was awesome, friendly, and really helpful. She explained everything we wanted to know about Georgia’s history and helped translate from Georgian to English and vice versa when needed. The bus is comfortable and the experience was wonderful, would totally recommend! The trip includes many stops, to which we all enjoyed. You can try different kinds of organic honey, try paragliding, and/or horseback riding. However, be aware that the ride to the top of the mountains can cause some dizziness as the roads are very bumpy. Nevertheless, incredibly fun tour and an even more fun tour guide 🙂

    2022-07-17 at 07:43
  • Sara

    Stunning scenery
    Fantastic day out to some picturesque parts of Georgia. A fabulous group – great for solo travellers. Kazbegi mountains are stunning. Worth staying the night, rather than doing the full long trip in one day. Good to rest there and enjoy the views.

    2022-07-17 at 07:44
  • Joanna

    Thank you Sophie!!!
    This tour was well organized and amazing! We love Sophie’s energy she’s really funny and entertaining! She never failed to makes us comfortable during the tour. She makes sure that everyone is socializing. Highly recommended! Beyond my expectation. Thank you so much Sophie for this unforgettable and fun tour!!!

    2022-07-17 at 07:44
  • Yousef A

    Great tour got to see the beautiful nature of Georgia. Lasha was our tour guide super friendly and fun had a wonderful time. Definitely would recommend this tour if you are a fan of nature and culture.

    2022-07-17 at 07:45
  • Szilvia S

    Shockingly amazing experience in Georgia
    Such an Amazing tour, highly recommended !! Our tour guide Sophia not only made sure to show and explain everything to us about these impressive places but she always took care of the best vibes. The paragliding was one of the best adrenaline experiences in my life so far . It’s a must do tour !!!!

    2022-07-20 at 10:52
  • Samantha Von

    Summer Fun in Kazbegi, Georgia
    My Trip to Kazbegi, Georgia became safe, fun and memorable. Thanks to Budget Friendly Georgia, especially our Tour Guide Lasha who made it fun and historic! Thanks to our driver that day too who drove us safely to all tourist attractions!
    It’s hard to roam around in georgia because most of the people do not speak english. Having a booked tour packages is highly recommended. This Group Tour is affordable, with great vehicle unit & driver skills, tour destinations & restaurants itinerary and english speaking tour guide.

    2022-07-20 at 10:54
  • Jean F

    Outstanding tour
    Alex, the tour guide, was quite knowledgeable and lead the tour on time. Highly recommended. Breathtaking views at every stop, the lunch was simply amazing and the experience is one of a kind.

    2022-07-20 at 10:54
  • Montaser

    Wonderful day trip to Kazbegi
    I booked a day Trip to Kazbegi with the tour company called Budget Friendly Tours.
    My day trip started bright and early outside Raddison Blu hotel, Tbilisi, at 8:30am. Our tour guide Luca was very friendly and informative. Our driver was great and handy with any car trouble.
    I sat in the front with my wife, this was the best seat as we got to see the views first hand and the seats were comfortable.
    The trip overall was good, our first stop was at a supermarket to buy snacks and get a quick breakfast if you weren’t able to eat at the hotel.
    The next stop was at Jinvali Water Reservoir where stopped and took amazing pictures. There is a heart strapped stand and the Georgia Swings which each cost 5 GEL for a picture. The views were amazing.
    Then we were on our way to the restaurant. This was restaurant had ok service and not a lot of choice for food for people looking for Halal food. The Greek salad was 2/10. And the pastry with cheese was 5/10. Overall the restaurant was 5/10.
    Next stop was paradgliding point and Freindship Mounumnet. The road up the mountains has amazing views. Both the paragliding and monument had Instagram views. Paragliding costs 300 Gel per person.
    The next stop was up to Trinity Church we’re we got off and took another mini bus to go up the mountain. This is a very bumpy trip and if you have back or bone problems, I don’t recommend.
    But the view is worth the trip. The mountain had views of the city and clouds floating close to touch.
    Final stop was at Rooms Hotel Kazbegi which has a beautiful terrace facing the mountain. Here you can have a quick coffee before heading back to Tbilisi.
    Over all the Mountain View’s were amazing and worth the whole trip. Luca our guide was pleasant, informative and very cheerful!

    2022-07-20 at 21:51
  • rana a

    Good trip
    Amazing trip with friendly guide Luka 🤩made our trip enjoyable for sure i will try other trip with them ,Abanoub also do great job to ensure that we have good time 🙏🏻

    2022-07-20 at 21:52
  • Islam Attia

    Amazing trip
    One of the best thing that u have to do when u visit Georgia is to go for this tour with LUKA
    he is an amazing guy and tour guide
    This trip worth every single dollar u will spend

    2022-07-20 at 21:52
  • Kriszti V

    Breathtaking landscape with a fantastic trip atmosphere
    Get ready for a long but unique experience in Caucasus! Our guide, Sofia share many interesting information about Georgia and the region. She also created a great ambience with chacha and music along the way. Once in a lifetime experience such as paragliding made our trip really remarkable. Big kudos for the Organizer Team!

    2022-07-20 at 21:53
  • Nadezhda B

    Very fun and friendly tour
    It was amazing tour! Our guide was Sofia and loved everything about her: everything was very fun, friendly, interesting, she was very polite and considerable..) the activities in the tour were very exciting, especially paragliding in the mountains!:) I enjoyed too much:)

    2022-07-20 at 21:55
  • Krishna Udani

    Reliable service with great tour guides
    Luca was absolutely brilliant! Great experience with reliable tour guides. Sightly more expensive than other tour providers but 100% worth it!

    2022-07-20 at 21:55
  • David L

    Amazing (long) day in the mountains
    We had a great time with our guide Sophio in the mountains. It was a really long day but so worth it to see the monastaries, go paragliding, ride in a 4×4, and stop at an amazing restaurant. I highly highly recommend this tour for anyone with not a lot of time in Tbilisi.

    2022-07-20 at 21:56
  • Ryan C

    Do not miss this!
    Luka, guide, was excellent! Very knowledgeable and keen to make sure we learned about the history of the regions, whilst also making it very fun!

    2022-07-23 at 12:02
  • Liana

    Kazbegi is a dream
    Me and my sister booked a tour to Kazbegi mountains. We knew that something beautiful was coming up but the scenery that we saw was beyond breathtaking. We stopped at the dam, Fortress, Gergety trinity church and the beauty of the views was unfathomable.
    We also stopped for lunch with nice views nearby a river.
    Our tour guide was Luka who was our handsome funny tour guide. He was very attentive and caring. At every stop he tried to accommodate us all.
    I have one recommendation for travelers. If you book this tour, make sure you bring something warm with you and comfortable shoes. Temperature in mountains are lower.

    2022-07-23 at 12:03
  • Bryan A

    Again! Best Tour!!
    Budget Friendly Tours Georgia is the best! We have seen the best scenery in Georgia! and Of course we have the best tour guide Mr. Lasha!

    2022-07-23 at 12:04
  • Yazan Barham

    Awesome experience
    The trip was really awesome. Bus was comfortable from the seats to having good AC. The places we went to was perfect. Nice views, good weather, mountains, rivers which gave us a very good relaxing and enjoyable day. The tour guide with us which his name was luka is incredibly friendly, nice and funny guy. He made sure that we take the best experience in all the places we went to. He explained all the details and history about the places and recommended a lot of things for us. For sure I’m going to book other tours with them.

    2022-07-23 at 12:05
  • Blessing

    Great Georgia experience
    What a fantastic experience. Our guide Luca was on-point and knew what he was talking about without being obnoxious. He managed to make a group tour feel personalized. I highly recommend doing this tour with these guys, a smaller and organized team.

    2022-07-25 at 12:39
  • Omar E

    Great tour nicely organized w talented guide Luca
    Amazing experience with the knowledgeable guide Luka. The trip was very nicely organised and planned. Magical Landscapes, activities and scenery, was liuky to do it with nice group and guide whom all became good friends by the end of the day.

    2022-07-25 at 12:41
  • Ayana Serzhanova

    The most unforgettable trip. I am very glad that I went with you. It was very comfortable and fun. We were shown a lot of interesting places, the view of Kazbegi is worth the whole trip💔
    They also showed Lake Zhinvali, took us to a wonderful restaurant serving delicious khinkali and brought us to a hotel where we could rest after a long day.
    Our guide Luka was the best and very smiling!

    2022-07-25 at 12:43
  • Josh

    Amazing Tour of the Caucasus Mountains
    What an amazing experience – everything was very well organised and Lasha was the perfect guide.
    It didn’t take long before all guests were comfortable and interacting freely. This really made the day special and we were able to share parts of our heritage and culture through the experience.
    Make sure you come with some cash (20 GEL for mandatory 4×4 off-road journey to visit the Trinity Church and 300 GEL if you want to paraglide!).
    If you will do the paragliding… have only a light lunch. Trust me 🙂
    Highly recommended for solo travellers!

    2022-07-25 at 12:44
  • Liana

    Kazbegi is a dream
    Me and my sister booked a tour to Kazbegi mountains. We knew that something beautiful was coming up but the scenery that we saw was beyond breathtaking. We stopped at the dam, Fortress, Gergety trinity church and the beauty of the views was unfathomable.
    We also stopped for lunch with nice views nearby a river.
    Our tour guide was Luka who was our handsome funny tour guide. He was very attentive and caring. At every stop he tried to accommodate us all.
    I have one recommendation for travelers. If you book this tour, make sure you bring something warm with you and comfortable shoes. Temperature in mountains are lower.
    Highly recommend

    2022-07-25 at 16:00
  • Abdelqader H

    A great day in the mountains
    Everything what we saw during this tour is amazing. I saw many pictures and reviews about this tour but no pictures can catch the beauty you see here. We visited different stops on the way and each stop was more and more breathtaking than the last one.
    We were lucky to see beautiful mount Kazbegi as well cause we as our tour-guide told us that mountain is mostly in the clouds but we’ve got there on the right time. We also stopped at the friendship monument where we wanted to try paragliding but wind was not on our side. So if you are coming here for paragliding don’t be disappointed if you can’t do it cause it happens.
    Thanks to our group who were really nice people and many thanks to our tour-guide Luka who always tried to make us happy. We also played freezbee in the room’s hotel which was very fun.
    I really recommend this tour and if you book it make sure that Luka is your guide!

    2022-07-25 at 16:03
  • Natasa

    What an amazing day! The Caucasus mountains are so stunningly beautiful, there is really no way to not have a jaw-dropping experience. I also really appreciated the tour company not canceling the tour when it became clear I would be the only person on the tour (and the groups are relatively small in general, which in my mind is great because of the continuing covid pandemic). So, I had the pleasure of virtually having a private tour with the driver Gelo and the guide, Roma. While this could have been an awkward experience on such a long tour, it was actually the opposite — Roma is a great guide who provides lots of information, speaks excellent English, and is super easygoing, witty, and interested in a variety of topics. He was really gracious and easy to talk to so that the tour sometimes felt like traveling around with a friend rather than a guide. The tour felt leisurely and we had enough time to explore all the stops, as well as enjoy the beautiful vistas of Kazbegi for several hours. Roma even helped me pick some wildflowers on the side of the mountain at the Gudauri lookout! I really appreciated the opportunity to be able to talk to him about life in Georgia in general, the good as well as the bad sides, and I like that he kept it real. We talked about culture, history, politics, the current war, the crazy truck lines along the military highway, the way that young people like him live in Georgia, their hopes and frustrations. It was more precious than any stereotypically tourist experience as it gave me a lot of insight into Georgian society. In any case, if you are lucky to have Roma as your guide on a regular group tour, I am sure you will have an equally enjoyable time. The good thing about this tour agency is that they will run the tour with just you even if nobody else shows up, so that you won’t miss out on the experience.
    Oh and the restaurant we stopped by for lunch was amazing.

    2022-07-31 at 08:45
  • Maryam

    Caucasus mountains were higher this time!!

    Although I’ve been to the same trip last November -Highlights of Caucasus mountains (Jinvali, Ananuri, Gudauri and Kazbegi- and I really enjoyed that wintery vibes I’ve witnessed and experienced there.. but this time I have had a totally different experience..
    Starting from the quality of service and customer care provided by (Budget Friendly Tours) leaded by the great Abanoub, and his amazing team members specifically our tour guide, with his amazing level of knowledge and energy he succeeded making this an unforgettable trip for sure.. And I was very glad to get lucky to know all the special travelers who enriched my knowledge with all the cultural chats and laughs.
    What I have seen and experienced this time was totally different, and what I have learnt about the highlights history and stories was very rich and well delivered..
    I believe that Georgia is a country that will tease you to visit again and again as it promises you a different experience every season!!
    Next time I’ll visit,, I’ll always choose (Budget Friendly Tours),, you guys changed my tour standards indeed!!

    2022-08-07 at 13:10
  • Mehmet Ender

    Really beautiful trip with lots of free space to enjoy the unique landscape of Georgia!

    2022-08-10 at 14:26
  • Alaa Atif

    The trip was amazing even though it was my second time, but I enjoyed the weather, atmosphere of the group, and our guide tour Lasha. I met new lovely people from different countries, Lasha the tour guide make it easy for everyone to ice breaks the tension between everyone so that we can start engaged and communicate with each other. by making us talk about ourselves, play games, and sings as well. He made sure that everyone has historical knowledge about places we visits. Lasha has this energetic character that every tourist looking for. Surprisingly we had a birthday woman in the group and he made sure to celebrate her birthday with all of the group by getting her a cake and candles and singing for her. He made our day with this idea. Thanks, Lasha you made me make wonderful memories again. I recommend this trip to everyone who travels to Georgia for the first time.

    2022-08-31 at 09:40
  • Anmar Albataty

    I really can’t say enough about how much we enjoyed the trip. Even though we went during the winter and it seemed more like a summer trip, we enjoyed each moment.

    our amazing guide Ket was so helpful and shared with us a lot of historical information, and she was full of energy. 

    We met wonderful people from around the world, and ate delicious Georgian food!, I can’t ask for more.

    The value we receive in comparison to the money spent is unquestionably a 10/10.

    2022-11-19 at 19:07

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